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Nike Young


Issue 54 (The Resurrection Begins)
Come For the Re-Premiere, Stay For the Suicide.

Okay, why am I trying to do my comic once again.  It's not enough for me to write the story behind one webcomic (The Superheroine WrongWay) but I have to revive my echoing crater of a crappy webcomic.  I mean, I'm going to go through hell and beyond trying to pass my first semester in college and still hold my GPA at 3.0+, I write a story that's going to be turned into a webcomic (and I'm still writing it) and I decide to revive a webcomic (thus the "resurrection" below the title .  Why do I do this?  I can only bring up three answers:

1.  I don't know.
2.  I hate myself and want to die.
3.  I'm a masochist son-of-a-bitch.

I don't even know which one is the real one.


Also, Gameshow is going into a once-a-week updating frenzy, as opposed to the three-times-a-week frenzy that probably became the eventual death of Gameshow.  Now you can start the evil workweek with Gameshow updating every Monday.

I will get back to Chapter 1 (Boyhood's End) as soon as I get warmed up.

Also I have figured out how to use FTP with Buena Vista, so the old resurrection site on FreeServers will be discontinued.  Any day I can avoid being FreeServers's man-whore is a good day.


I looked back at my old comics.  In January, Gameshow abruptly stopped because of loss of will.  Everything that could've got in the way did, and there were no more updates for a long, long time.  I'm sorry for not doing anything to advance Gameshow, or to at least say what I'm doing.  I did manage to make a web-page on bad Yu-Gi-Oh rules.  I moved some links around, got rid of some that I didn't want used, and returned KeenShadow.

- Nike Y. 2003/11/9 22:40:33


Issue 51½

Oh yeah. I've just been really disheartened, by end-of-semester projects and tests, critics, college rejection (Grinnell can go to hell FAIC) and the "traumatic event" I have to deal with in chapter one that I hit a big loss of heart and couldn't make one comic for winter break. There won't be a GS comic until the 8th of January. Yeah, I was planning Christmas and New Year's comics, and my birthday comic (I turn 18 on Dec. 27th.), but without the heart to continue, I haven't gotten around to it. Over the break, I'll try picking up my feelings, continuing Nightmare 7 (the sci-fi-fantasy 1984-esque story I've been working on, but haven't had time due to school and its "literary inquisition", and Gameshow.

I'll end this in the immortal words of Al Gore, who [i]isn't[/i] going to campaign in 2004 (another reason to be disheartened:


See ya in January, and on the various forums I'm part of.

- Nike Y. 2002/12/19 22:40:33

Issue 51 (Here I Am)

Well, thanks to the living hell that consists of my life, school, and my goddamn excuse for a computer, there will be few comics for the rest of the month.

Here's a "Only if the world turns back on its axis" list of comics until the 2nd Wednesday of January.

Mon. 23 - McDuffies guest strip

I still don't believe the words "guest strip" made it up here. But, yep, there isn't anything wrong with your computer: there will be a guest strip next Monday.

Wed. 25 - Christmas strip

Fri. 27 - Birthday Strip

Yep, I turn 18. You may see it as a good thing, but I still see it as one more year to the last dirt nap.

You tryin' to figure me out: Stay tuned to Chapters one thru three.

Wed. 1 - New Years Strip

Okay, a lot of you are complaining that I should use ink. I tried twice (The Yugioh DND and a comic no one will see, 'cuz it sucks) and I hate it. It kills the effects of my comics. Some people say I shouldn't use pencil. Some people have suggested that I ink until my pencil looks good enough to end up in the Sistene Chapel, while others believe that I should do it "if I care anything about my webcomic." I told them off using acts that are anatomically-impossible. I apologize for the anger, but still stick to my usage of an ink-free webcomic, because the black-white kills the depression that the gray-white took so long to make. As a service to common Gameshow connoisseurs, we'll keep Gameshow at least 98% ink-free for the rest of our run, so we don't look like every other webcomic out there

Lately, with school, critics, and trying to return to old memories to use them in the webcomic, I've been depressed. I tried using friendship to boost me up,...

But then I realize that the only friends I have are Jake and Ryan, and I don't have a girlfriend.

...So I become depressed again.

Guys, if there is anyone who reads these rants and think that Gameshow is at least a C- webcomic, just go to the forums, and reply to the 'fan stick' post. I'd really appreciate that I'm not yelling into the darkness.

Oh, and does ANYBODY read these. Yeah, I could probably use words like sh*t or f*ck, and no one would notice, until a parent or a religion nazi looks at it.

- Nike Y. 2002/12/15 22:27:40

Issue 44 (Mistakes of No Research)

Good news, the "Mistake of No Research [44] comic is the fifth to last comic in chapter 0. I actually have it mapped out to end Dec. 9th, for Chapter 1 on the 11th.

We also have a voy forum. It isn't the user-based forum that I had hoped to get, but it'll do. You don't even have to give out your e-mail address or your real name.

Bad news, KeenShadow is being eliminated. Rather than being a sister dropdown of DarkSpace, we ended up competing with them. These are up to advertise other comics, so competing isn't the best choice of action. I realized the only thing on KeenShadow was Gameshow, so...

I replaced it with NiceGuySpace

Also, the Literary Inquisition ended. Now, for a while, I'm free of long reading assignments.

I also saw Bowling for Columbine twice: Once alone and once with Jake. This is a great movie that should be seen by everyone 17+ (younger if you can get a parent to vouch for you). Just one suggestion: when you see it, go with a friend, because you'll want to talk about it afterwards.

Well, until next time, remember to always eat your oatmeal, because someday, y--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

-Nike Y 2002/11/30 23:42:21

Issue 43 (Bad Driver)

I apologize for the hiatus and for the delay in Jake's rant. I just am really behind in American Authors and World Lit. I still have 342 pages left to deal with for Monday. (Man, I hate Monday)

Okay, we may be losing our stores. CafePress says that if there is no sales in a store for 180 days, the store will be closed. So, by that standard, we'll lose all of our stores at about 9:43 a.m. yesterday. (Hyperbole)

Okay, my opinions of the mid-term elections. In Iowa, democrats kept the governorship, and one of the senate seats. Contrary to my associate's beliefs, this is a good thing.

Bad news: The republican party now controls the United States. I am speechless to the extent of this evil. But, if America survives this madness for two years, the republicans will screw up within that time frame, and will be flattened in the next election.

My DDR dance mat is making my training mode go slow. If this continues, I might have to replace my mats.

Okay, I had to take a few days to make this rant and the comic, and I'm still behind. Don't think twice that I'll do this again. I won't even be back for Friday, and I may just return to my hidey-hole, catching up on school assignments and good movies. In fact, I'm going to see Bowling for Columbine. Yesterday, I saw Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. By Thursday, I'll see Spirited Away.

I wonder how I'll fit a life in this mess.

Nike Y. -2002/11/18 16:26:25

Issue 36 (Conservatism Whore)

Making teens depressed is just like shooting fish in a barrel.

Bart Simpson

Heee's Baaaaaaaaaack. (Death march playing in background)

Well, since Jake decided to promote Gameshow on his game show forums, I decided to have him back on board. He found out his Student Council Presidential duties weren't going to be as slave-driver like as he once thought. He will return his classic republican-based propaganda to Gameshow's own rants.

Okay, my school has had, after homecoming, one of its goal posts taken down under students' own bodies. Now, the schools activity director pulled off a few students, but if you were watching something really expensive that mattered to you being vandalized, you would pull off people, too.

Sooner or later, I will be able to finish Gameshow Chapter 0. The light at the end of the tunnel is drawing near, as you will see from Monday's strip.

(Whew! I need a girlfriend. I have too much free time for Gameshow.)

Okay, I know you people out there don't really have too much of a personal life out there, but I do have some mental quality that can help you in a relationship jam. I have been gifted with the ability to see how either gender will handle a situation. I'm offering advice there. Check it out.

Also, there is a place for guest strips and contests. If you do one for GS, I will check out your comic and do one for yours later on (pending it's not over PG-13)..

Also, the store is open.

Uh-Oh, I just realized the light at the end of the tunnel belonged to a Japanese Speeding Bullet Train. Gotta-Go

Nike Young 2002/10/09 22:29:49

Issue 34 (My troubles are more than beer)

I went to the Homecoming Dance. I figured out that no one sees the world as it is. We all see our own individual illusions, and no matter how much we wear away the false parts, we still end up with illusions.

Really profound, ain't it. Well, it doesn't help me in the relationship biz. I still haven't found Ms. Right. I haven't even found Ms. Right Now. One of the only guys, probably the only guy, who Prefers Commitment, is still single, while men who think women are tallies on a scorecard are dating several women in a single week, and all these women are complaining that all men are superficial. Stating that all men are superficial is like stating all blacks are violent, while people like black mayor of Des Moines, Iowa Preston Daniels, are making this country better. I could call the women who make these judgments hypocrites, but I'd have 10 e-mails claiming I called these women fat. (According to people with limited vocabularies, I think Christian fundamentalists are old (Tyranical), Republicans are fat (Hypocrites) and most of America has super powers (Superficial))

If you disagree with what I say here, e-mail me. Heck, e-mail me even if you agree with me. It'll eb a nice change of pace from the spam and e-mails from Jake.

Nike Young 2002-10-06 19:31:38

Issue 33 (RMECS: Jake's Disappearance)

Well, we now have more dropdowns than we originally had. Gameshow will quickly be on the Workspace humor list(We can thank Jake for that) The other two lists I may be on, if I can actually figure them out. I have an I. Q. of 162. If it's too complex for me, how anyone can figure them out is beyond me.

Okay, I am going to the freakin' Homecoming dance. I know what you all are thinking. Why are you going to a dance of something that you despise? Well, (1) I have a hatred of anything homecoming but the dance, (2) I have this misguided dream of actually finding someone there, and (3) I just want to get away from the house. My sister's fiancee is going through another temper tantrum as I type this. He was actually a part of Ryan Manning, 'cept Ryan's actually doesn't get violent.

Anyone who thinks I shouldn't be using a character that drinks, smokes, swears, and reads porn because it's a bad example, you know the view never changes if you keep your head up your ass. My characters aren't meant to be examples of exact good or exact evil. They are all a mix of them. If this manages to become a graphic novel, this will be one of the themes of GS.

Also, I have seen Digimon season 4. It has really pulled away from its season one days.

Also, the contests have moved to their own page.

Nike Young 2002-10-03 20:42:24

Issue 29 (Jake Ragnoo, where are you?)

Those that dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music. --Anon

Well, my life is going straight to hell once again. It's getting close to homecoming again at my school. We chose who was going to be in homecoming court. Now there's a theory that there's the conscious, the subconscious, and the collective conscious. If that last one was true, our school has the collective conscious of a naive teenager. Three of the five men (I think, they walked up with jerseys) were out of the football team. Four out of the five women were blondes (I might be the only man to say this, but let it be known. I prefer dark-haired women.) There was only two women I nominated, which by the good ol' Young Curse, don't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

I don't like homecoming. It sets up stereotypes that football makes all men better, having no school spirit is evil, and the "all for one, one for all" crap. Look, there are still too many flaws in this lawist (Opposite of chaoist, means "order-based", usu. used as "oppressive") school system, and don't get me started on Football. It reminds me of a low-strategy version of the roman gladiators. Someone keeps on telling me I should go try out for football. I keep on telling him he should go to hell.

A couple of things I want to get off of my chest. One, I'm not gay, but I am a victim of the great "queer-hunt." It seems the fact that queers do exist doesn't make the people with torches any more accurate. I stop pursuing women, my reasons being later in this rant and in Gameshow chapters one thru three. Anyway, this makes me a big supporter of Gay rights and protections. I support them as long as they don't require my membership.

Second, feminism. In its perfect form, men and women are equal, anyone asks anyone else out, women take more dominant roles, men take more recessive roles, who invited the other person pays and chooses where they go (or who decides). I just have one question: WHAT WENT WRONG!? Now, we have women still demanding to be asked, making their boyfriends take them to expensive restaurants and concerts and pay for their greedy ass, never asking anyone out, never seeing the darkness of rejection, thinking that men are just toys. Now, some women have tried to show the feminist spirit, and I say "More power to ya." But there are too many of the 'greedy little leech" variety that I decided to stop pursuing women; they can come to me. My school needs a good ol' Sadie Hawkins dance, It'll give the feminist movement a good shot-in-the-arm. A final thought, "The war doesn't end just because the sides traded weapons."

Nike Y. 09-23-01 21:13:50

Issue 23 (Moon and Sun)

Great destruction is followed by great rebirth.

Well, Gameshow's over a year old today. It was created one week before September eleventh, so it felt right to both celebrate a creation of a world and honor those who died in another. It just makes ya think, doenit. The point of birth and death going together is really helpful to take the point of death a whole lot easier.

Soon, you realize we're all going in a circle. Thanks to the news groups' extreme broadcast last year, people in America were at home without anything to do. Considering the short-mindedness of most of the U. S, and the other ten people doing it because of the thought that they may be next, there was a big baby boom about three months ago. Yes, I know, putting most of the population in the "Make love when there's nothing else to do," and a small fraction in the "Make love when it's the last possible night of our lives." isn't very patriotic, but when the rest of america becomes something more than a bunch of mindless drones, with eyes lighting up at the words "tax cut" (which for Republicans is half a statement, the other half is "for the wealthy") I'll stop telling the people how I "admire" pResident Bush.

Man, has it been a year. Gameshow started with Freeservers one year ago. There, I had a lousy comic up once a week. Jake was up there with me. I was a non-religious man, and Jake was a lazy moron. There was only four characters. (Nike, Jake, Ryan, and Tifani)

Now, we're on ComicGenesis. Gameshow has better drawings, while still poor. Mr. Big, Grunt, Groan, Natalie Dyan, Sol, and Luna added or will add to the cast. Gameshow is now two or three times a week. I became a Chaoist (a religion I made myself. The half-sun, half-crescent-moon is the symbol of Chaoism and it's in the background of the WTC comic)

Sadly, Jake's still a lazy moron. Hey, not all things can move forward.

The upgrade of Gameshow is a much needed banner, color, and Sol and Luna's page that deals with relationship problems. This is for Gameshow's birthday.

(See, I can remember birthdays, I can remember aniversaries, I can remember special occasions! Do I have girlfriend, NO!)

In lighter news, I saw a video of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The people at Squaresoft must be crying right about now. The animation's so good, it registered as bad acting. For being a Japanese show, the movie was full of American Clichés, indecisive names (Aki Ross? Choose a freakin' country and take up a name.) And the only person who did show some freakin' character development died at the end!

Personally, I'm waiting for Working Designs, Game Arts, or anybody who worked on the Lunar series tp make a movie and beat the sh*t out of Squaresoft. I don't own a freakin' copy of Final Fantasy, but I own the Complete editions of Lunars 1 and 2. These people knew some good character development and realistic characters, things that'll make Squaresoft think, "Why didn't I think of that!?"

Nike Y. 9-11-02 19:30:32

P. S.: Gameshow's contests, "Jake Ragnor is a Greedy Bastard" and "Nike Young is a self-centered jackass" are still active. Anyone who decides to make a guest comic (you don't have to draw well. I dont!) follow the rules to enter the self-centered jackass contest in the past rants section.)

Issue 22 ½

Well, how do you guys like the new "Super-violet" form of Gameshow. I wanted to give Gameshow a background color, and since the three webcomics I've seen have green, blue, and black, I decided on violet.

Not everything's violet yet. I still need to get the other pages changed. I don't have them all to my computer, but they will be in a few weeks. Gomenasa.i :)

Also this is as close as we'll get to "graphically violent" as Gameshow's gonna get. Just remove "n".

Also, all links I could change are now green, so you can actually read them on the violet background.

I also move the other day stuff to the side. No reason, 'cept for I hate conformity.

I also now will have storylines, like everyone else. (I know I'm contradicting myself here!) Gameshow will have various arcs and storylines, and it would behoove me to put something to help others figure out how to find where an arc began.

Issue 22 (Back from Buddhist temple)

Ladies and Jellybeans, after a three-month hiatus, Gameshow is back up and running. I just decided to get rid of things that made Gameshow 'slow'. First, my bad drwaings, then Jake's rants. Until he does something, besides ranting, he will not have any new rants.

The reason is creative differences. I wanted a parody of the inside of game shows using an Anime format, with not to many inside jokes. Jake wanted more inside jokes for game show fans. I decided I wanted an audience of more than 25 people. People who watch game shows for a hobby are often single guys in dead-end jobs.

Jake also has a schedule conflict. He's now student council president. This will wipe out his whole entire life

Besides, when I get into chapters one thru three, the humor will be few and far between. We'll lose a lot of people to it. If we weaken an already-razor-thin humor, we won't have anyone left.

The new Gameshow schedule is at least biweekly (once every two weeks). I will try for semiweekly (twice every week), but no guarantees.

Hard Ryan Issue

I apologize for the delay and regret to inform you all that it will be a while longer before "Gameshow" will be back up and running. I've have been recruited by Buddhist Monks in an attempt to improve my drawing ability.

When I started Gameshow in September, I had no talent in drawing. What I learned I mimicked from MegaTokyo. (Where the hell do you think I got the idea for Jake's hair. Jake's hair isn't like this. And, in actually, I'm taller than Jake, but Jake doesn't really strike terror in his diminutive stature, and I can be a victim of a random act of executives when I'm taller than most execs.)

Now, times have changed. I have resources to improve my talent. Various books, websites, and comics have now been easily accessible and are now improving my talent. I can't deal with Gameshow and improvement at the same time. I might occasionally choke out a Gameshow comic once in a while, but I'll be really out of it. Jake should have some comics up

Actually, I'm setting up a couple of contests in the meantime. To enter, put the quote into your subject line and e-mail

"Nike Young's a self-centered jackass!"

If you can draw better than I can, draw a comic strip of Gameshow. E-mail us with a link, (and a link only, unless you don't have a website), and your name and we may use your strip. PG-13 please, the closer the comic strip is to our size, the more likely it is to be used, and score some free credit for being on Gameshow, plus you may be able to write off supplies as a charity case.

"Jake Ragnor's a greedy bastard!"

Send us your threats to use on Jake. Anything from childish taunting, to the death of his first-born. Anything to get on his case is useful, but include your name and you may have a shot of Gameshow stardom, if Jake winces (Don't worry, I won't give Jake your name.). Oh yeah, don't try the old "I'll kill your first-born" trick, as he'll never, ever, in the pitiful hellhole that is his life, marry or have children.) Winners will be displayed on Gameshow's website, and the hall of winners.

New Issue

Welcome to our new site. Thisll be up until we can get new comics up. Were just setting up the old comics IYDM (If you dont mind).

Repair Issue

We're Moving. Freeservers have screwed us for the last time. Jake and I are moving to
Yes, there will be a few weeks without Gameshow comics,
and when the new site is up, we will be setting up our old comics,
but, hey, you'll just have to take it!
-Nike Y. 11:58:50 01-07-2002

Issue 14

I tried something new. I transferred pics to a comic template instead of drawing on the template.

WE NEED FUNDING! For the month of December, save a buck on Gameshow Merchandise per item. The original profits I was making was zero. I'm trying to make them easier to buy, so I can pay for a new ink cart, and stop having to do comics like these.

(I also want this comic to pay for itself.)

Every two-graphic item gives us $3.00 (Now $4.00) to work with. The one-graphic items give us $2.50 (Now $1.50) per item. Give us $10.00 and receive a Bronze Ryan card. $20.00 will get you the Silver Jake Card, and $40.00 will get you a Gold Nike Card. With them, you become an honorary member of the Gameshow Fan Club, give Jake something to do, and get you free access in all cheap motels across the nation.

If you don't donate, the terrorists have won...
...Or at least Jake. If I bail, he gets full control over GS.

With Nike and Jake's cards, you will be able to buy a T-shirt for Gameshow fans. Nike's card can get you a newsletter with the comic attached. (No rants, so...)

Nike Y. -12-03-2001 10:26 p.m.

Issue 13

I got some sketches done. I have the "War of Politics" sketch, and the "Not Enough Violence" sketch, which is based on Dance Dance Revolution, a good arcade game. While I'm considering buying the game, Timeout, the arcade at Southridge Mall, has it: that and my room isn't "earthquake friendly."

I have speech squad tryouts tonight.

Well, I've ran out of words, so bye.

Nike Y. 11-08-2001

Issue 12

When Life continues to kick ya, eventually, it'll get tired."

I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license. I got my license.

Did you know I have my driver's license? I just acn't stop smiling. I was never this happy since just before I started school!

Oh, yeah, that addiciton. Well, I theorize that since I had a few super-depressing points in my life, that an addiciton came out of it, but since I got my license (Oh yeah, just in case you didn't get it, I GOT MY LICENSE!) The addicition became obliterated like it did my willpower. I think it's just the sense that I did something right. (Oh yeah, if you meet my mom, I never had that addiciton;))

Another Gameshow Store's up. If I haven't set up a link, it's It's Jake Ragnor's actual NBCD sweater from Gameshow.

I saw Serendipity over the weekend. It was good. The sense that fate can be a controlling force and the name, "Serendipity" a fortunate accident.

I also found my sketch pad and gym bag. Damn, I feel like I fell out of a plane and had a flock of geese break my fall.

Nike Y. 08:32 10-30-2001

Issue 11

Jake forgot his password. Geez, this guy does nothing, and he goes beating his own record by doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. One day, he'll get paid for a living by this. He's still not at a record for most usless man on earth. For that, you'd have to see my brother-in-law.

Yep, I didn't get another comic in. If you don't read into it too much, the next comic will make you laugh passing out on the floor.
I recently lost my sketchpad. I feel naked without it. I still need to finish that "Apartment" Sketch. It'll probably be in one of my classes.

People will think this is my worst problem. Well, I don't even use my skecthpad for the webcomic. I use printed-out typing paper. My major problem is figuring out Jake's use on this comic. He will get out a few webcomics in my absence, but he doen't even change the comic. I see a train in his future, with the label Amtrak

Nike Y.- 11:38 a.m. 10-18-01

Issue 6

Sorry I'm late. Jake was supposed to set up the next comic, but he forgot. If you see him, tell him I know where he lives and that he can't hide from me forever.

Also, we've got stores now. Just check out the catalog page to get some t-shirts. We have only three designs, so wait.

Nike Y.- 11:31 a.m. 9-16-01

Issue 2

(I round filed the old rant, since a one-liner on Bush wouldn't help out this devastation.)

Jake is another alter ego of my best friend, Joey Raygor. He's going to be working with me sometimes, so I might as well give him some credit.

Like I said, next week's comic is up, even though the rant isn't. Some people want to move on, so I did that. I also have some extra pictures for today. Nike, Jake, and an unkown woman which I have not named.

Issue 1

Hello, this is my powerfully new Webcomic that goes behind the scenes of game shows. It is, in fact, called "Gameshow."

The comics come up once per week. (School Pending) When in the week, I don't know. Why am I doing this, I don't know. Why are you at this site? I DON'T FREAKIN' KNOW!!!!

Jake Ragnor


Issue 54 (The Resurrection Begins)
Welcome Back, Ragnor

Hey hey ! It sure feels great to be back here on GameShow. I'm sure our millions of adoring fans rejoiced and danced in the streets when they saw Nike's new comic.

Currently, I am happy to report that I have left the boring factory that was Southeast Polk High School and now attending the somewhat-less-boring factory of the Des Moines Area Community College studing Liberal Arts (I'd never thought I would type those words)

For this new season, I plan to get more involved with GameShow. Doing stuff like, looking at it and even, perhaps, reading it !

And I have my own website of my own: where you can find everything you've wanted to know about Rolf Benirschke and more ! It r0x0rs your b0x0rs !

So please find it in your hearts to read GameShow or else I will happily dispatch a Vanilla-Coke Hating Naked Vampire Chick From France to you for a hot date !

-Jake Ragnor


Issue 50 (The Beginning of the End)

Hello fine folks out in cyberspace ! This'll be a short rant:

I have now joined the ComicGenesis forums (In my real name: JRaygor. Since I'll probably be doing more that just talking about Gameshow), hope to see you all there and together we can double the Gameshow fanbase !!!

(Current Gameshow Fanbase: 2)

Untill next time

Jake R.

(Nike: small note: the comicgenesis forums are just for webcomic owners and co-owners, like Jake here, so don't come if you don't have a webcomic Go to our voy forum at if you want to be part of our fanbase)

Issue 43 (Bad Driver)

Bonjour! Today, I'd like to discuss last week's election.

It was certainly an interesting one. I was kinda disappointed that Doug Gross and Greg Ganske lost to Tom Vilsack and Tom Harkin, but to tell the truth, they didn't really have the full charisma to defeat them. But I'm not bitter, they won fair and square.

But, the one thing I'll miss about the Campaign is all the Negative Ads. I just love all the mudslinging and lies. Geez, it seems they're all alike:

(Open with a grainy, black and white picture of the opposing candidate followed by scary ominous music and an equally scary voiceover) Nike Young claims he's for the everyman, but we know the real truth. As congressman, Young voted once and again to SLASH (Cut to stock footage of Michael Myers swinging a knife) Medicare, Medicaid, Education, and Prescription drugs (While this is being said, we see sad images of Eldery, Children along with more grainy b&w images of Nike) Nike also keeps raising taxes for the Working Class to cover up the fact that he funds Wealthy al-Qaeda Terrorists (Shows images of Ayatollah Kohemehni, Saddam Hussein, and Mumar al-Quadaffi) Nike also says he hates children, just listen! Cut to a badly edited and distorted clip of Nike saying "I ... don't like ... elderly ... they ... must ... die ... HA HA HA!!!) Nike is a truly evil and despicable man, but Jake Ragnor is the one you need! (Cut to happy colorful images of Jake petting children and talking to the elderly while the sun shines upon him) Jake will propose laws that'll make us happy! VOTE RAGNOR! Ifollowed by quick mumbling voiceover: paidforbyfriendsofjakeragnor)

Thank you and good night!

-Jake R.

Issue 36 (Conservatism Whore)


If you're wondering why I've been gone for so long, it's because I've been spending time at the Betty Ford Clinic getting off my Ovaltine Addiction* well here is my new rant !

I also attended the Homecoming Dance, although I supported a Patriotic Theme, but "Costume Party" wasn't that half bad.

Some of the costumes were great (Like someone dressing as that Princess Amadeila (sp?) in the Star Wars Ep 1, anything "Guys & Dolls"esqe) some were dumb (Anything Goth, 2001 "Josie & The Pussycats") and most were inapproprate (Pimps, Playboy Bunnies, someone dressed as gunshot victims with blood and fake bullethole, etc). But, whatever they were dressed as, everybody was having a great time so most of it really didn't bother me !

We'll thats all for now, great to be back

*for literal people, I was just jokeing !

-Jake R.

Issue 19 (If Light Is On)

This weeks rant is mostly random thoughts (Mostly brought on by ODing on Ovaltine)

-Daytime "Weakest Link" is so boring I'm starting to watch reruns of "Arthur" !!

-The prize writers on "Press Your Luck" really needed a spell checker, I saw two prizes spelled incorrectly: "Flatwear" and "Skiis". What on earth is "Flat Clothing"

-The halls of my high school are so crowded, I'm installing a horn on my notebook.

-I hate wrestling, especially that Stone Cold Steve Stupid

-Français es barbant !

-The Olympics are getting so commericallized that someday I envision: "Lap 3 of the 500m relay is brought to you by Coke. Lap 4 is brought to you by Charmin".

-I wish the pink bunnies would stop bouncing in my red Chevy in the age of disco-sheep and Isddsa 0-9c'''pooc[z dfopfdsop]= 17s9- sd\]kkk sada ddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd........... (At this point I passed out from the Ovaltine and had to erase over 10 mile length of "d"s, I decided to keep everyting else written)

-Jake R.

Issue 16

Darn ! It's Been A While Hasn't It. Why Was I So Late In My Rants, I Had To Evade Nike, Since He Plotted To Give Me A Punishment Worse Than Death: Make Me Live With Bobby Flay !

Oh, And Check This Link Out:
(I Think I Spelled That Right) It's Really Good.

As For Nike Future, I Envision A Large Rock...

"Rien ça!"

-Jake R.

Issue 2

This Is My First Of Millions Upon Millions Of Rants I'll Make, Before I Get A Life. ; )

Yes, The Events Of September 11, 2001 Were Very Sad, I Don't Think Me, Nike Or The Rest Of The World Will Forget This Day, But It Is Very Important Me Must Try To Move On. In Other News...

In My "RAM Productions" Class, I'm Starting On My Main Project Clips Of "WWTBAM?" From Other Countries, Yeah, I'm A Big Fan Of "Legyen On Is Milliomos !" (Hungarian), And I Thought I Would Be Neat If I Put Some Of The Videos I Have Of "Hvem Vil Vaere Millionaer ?" (Danish) Into One Tape, Can't Sell It, Though, Or Else Celador Would Sue Me For $1,000,000 !!!


-Jake R.

If I Put Some Of The Videos I Have Of "Hvem Vil Vaere Millionaer ?" (Danish) Into One Tape, Can't Sell It, Though, Or Else Celador Would Sue Me For $1,000,000 !!!


-Jake R.