Nice Guy Space

A place for all those nice guys that can't win.

I'm trying my hand at making another dropdown, since the first didn't attract any attention. This one is on the nice guy that has everything against him.

To get on the dropdown, you must contact me, by forum, private message, or e-mail.

If you e-mail me, put "I laugh because it drowns out the crying" as your subject. You can get close to it. I'm not picky.

Put on your contact:

1) Your Name (Pseudonyms are fine)

2) Your URL

3) Your Sites name

4) Anything in your webcomic above PG-13. There won't be that many that will be accepted with something, since the nice guy really doesn't do any of that thing. Of course, a sex scene after a long, drawn-out courtship and dating and marriage might be acceptable. Or the nice guy, seeing the world destroyed around himself, swearing a couple of times.

Oh yeah, add this to your webpage. whenever you get to it. I will randomly check if you put it up.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript" SRC=""></SCRIPT>

Okay, key (all of these are in excess of PG-13 or T. V.-acceptability)

(L)- Excessive Language

(S/N)- Excessive Sexual Content/Nudity

(V)- Excessive Violence

(A)- Adult situations not described here.

Well, good luck. And if you quallify for both NiceGuySpace and RealSpace, I feel sorry for you.

-Nike Young

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Waterguy by DMK, a.k.a. TOXIC AVENGER (A,L)