(Pleading no) CONTEST (and Guest Strips)


If you want your hand in Gameshow's creation, via guest strip, just send me an e-mail at mylifeisalivinghell@yahoo.com, with your name (pen if you prefer), age, and either a link or a copy of the file. Subject: Nike Young is a self-centered Jackass

(And oh, yeah. This isn't automated, so don't worry about small things. I'll figure it out. It can be any size, but ones closer to 650-pixels-wide are better There will be links here for people who made it to the comic world.)

Also, (as a joke) you can threaten Jake Ragnor. You need to send them here at mylifeisalivinghell@yahoo.com, rather than Jake Ragnor's e-mail address, but it'll be worth it. There will be no rewards besides credit, as all of our money is trapped, but all applicants will be put here.


The first person to make a guest strip for Gameshow

Srjdan of McDuffies: Guest Strip FFFF">