Cast of Gameshow

This is a list of all of those faces you'll see in Gameshow. I'll improve this later, with pictures.

Return to the Madness

Nike Young

Nike is the writer and host of Gameshow. He's smart, cynical, and arrogant. He talks to himself, and has a preference to handle things alone. He has a decent grip on pop culture. He was friends with Jake Ragnor, but now has a stunning hatred of his plans and polices, saying that he could pull better plans out of his ass.

Jake Ragnor

Jake is the executive producer of Gameshow. He's a boss that really has no grip on pop culture. He makes lousy plans for Gameshow, then wonders why they fail.
Ryan Manning

Ryan is the censor of Gameshow. He's taken up every vice known to man. Smoking, drinking, porn, caffeine, swearing. NBCD just told him to get rid of anything that looks like his life.

Tifani is the intern of Gameshow. Stupider than a rock, she is practically useless. Nike says the only reason she is hired is to make Jake look brighter.
Ben Issac Gerald Ragnor (Mr. Big) Mr. Big is the C. E. O. of NBCD. He's a nepotist that really has less of a grip on pop culture than even Jake has.
Grunt & Groan

Grunt & Groan are the bodyguards of Mr. Big. They're pretty much stock characters.
Natalie Dyan

Natalie is a really strange character. I'd describe her, but that would reveal most of the plot of chapters one through three. Let me just say that she creates Nike's greatest havoc.

Sol is a PARanormal InTelligent Emotional Entity (known as a Paritee). He represents Nike's masculine side. He also tends to be dominating to a fault. Nike tends to ignore him.


Luna is a Paritee of Nike's feminine side, but don't think she's passive. She tends to clash with Sol like Nike clashes with Jake. She reassures Nike when things go wrong, which is why Nike tends to listen to her over Sol.